You may not realize it, but you have a story to tell. Whether you are selling data or drill bits there is a story you can tell that will appeal to your customer. So, why use stories? Stories connect people together. They make us feel more comfortable with new information, help us make sense of our world, and affect our emotions. Stories are irresistible because the brain is wired for narrative. It’s why we root for underdogs, why we get hooked–despite our better judgment–to the dumbest reality shows and soap operas. Large charities like the Red Cross and St. Jude’s Hospital use anecdotes of specific aid recipients to garner empathy and capture tens of millions of dollars in donor support. Stories are powerful. You can tell your story in words, or you can make it more compelling with video. Video can convey complex ideas more clearly and persuasively. It’s more versatile, vibrant, and memorable than any other medium. It works because visual images imprint more strongly in the mind. They remain and become part of the brain’s reference library long after the last frame plays. Video sticks.


Commercials are one of the easiest ways to highlight a specific product or service that your company offers.  Our team has an incredible amount of experience shooting commercials that exceed your average “television” level of quality.  Do you have a product or service that you want to showcase?  Black Diamond Media Productions is your local solution.


Remember the painful safety videos you sat through at your first job?  So do we.  At Black Diamond Media Productions, we have made the commitment to excellence and your safety videos do not need to employ the video styles of the past.  Through quality content and videography practices, we can ensure your videos are engaging.


Your team is a crucial piece of your infrastructure.  Each member brings a valuable skill set to the table and they are immensely valuable to sustaining your well oiled machine.  We have found that consumers and business like to know who they are working with.  Company videos are a great way to tell your story and share team members bios.



Mark Beatty

Hope Thomas “That Girl”

Cheri Simmons

Jason Casarez  “Caz Man”

Gary Stefanski  “G Man”



This is the process we use with every client to get to the root of what they want to accomplish. Anyone can shoot a video. Only the pros at BD can get to the heart of your story with the visuals that will best convey your story. We help you tell your story in a way that informs, persuades or inspires your customers.

Black Diamond does more than shoot videos. We help you tell your story—strategically. We help you accomplish your goals. We take your goals seriously because our reputation depends on it. When you get new leads, buyers, or high fives as a result of your video, you’ll hire us again and tell others about us. At least that’s what we hope you’ll do. Because it’s nice to stay in business and make money, but it’s even better to help people succeed.